Baitian (Dalian) International Trade Co.,Ltd is an import and export enterprise specializing in trading technology-based products. We have independent importing and exporting authorization.
Our primary business is exporting products such as gray iron castings, ductile iron castings, precision castings, stainless steel castings, die castings, and forging castings. We also further process partially-finished goods into finished products. We manufacture pumps, valves, bearings, automotive and electrical parts, and agricultural machinery.

We have an array of metal suppliers, an experienced project management team, and materials expertise. Our motto is “Good management, cooperation and development”. Working closely with our suppliers and applying strict quality control, we provide products of the utmost quality. We simultaneously strive to optimize the manufacturing process to ensure timely delivery.

Batian (Dalian) International Trade Co.,Ltd is committed to solving any technical issues our customers face and to provide efficient, quality service. We will work together with all our customers to create a better future.

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